We're feeling makers; A movement, a belief, and a Scandinavian-style company, products designed with care to serve today and tomorrow in your daily life wherever you are.

We Make

Our Mission

To make the difference we need to keep moving; Let’s not just buy something beautiful, otherwise let's support a good cause. We want to inspire and be an element to the world change and our environment.

Our Vision

We make it with love, for you and for everyone, no matter what you believe, we make what we love; that's why we believe we can make positive change. Wherever you go, wherever you are, we want to be part of your daily life; be an small positive piece of your life.

Our Values

To inspire today and tomorrow. We focus on honesty, detail, and care of the work. The philosophy is simple, do what you love. No matter where are you from, what you believe, what you love or not; what dreams you have, wherever you go, we are going to care about you, because if we looked at
you, is because you are one of a billion.


Since 2019

Abbie & Henry was established in 2019, and we have learned so much over time. To make what we call our company. Our Founders and CEOs Abbie & Henry were inspired to start this company by the vision of a different company, where everyone it’s valuable and each thing is made for a purpose.

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